Shennell McCloud

Project Ready

Shennell McCloud is a force for students and families in her hometown of Newark. As the leader of Project Ready, she is working to close the opportunity gap and improve life outcomes for Newark’s children.

In early 2019, she founded Project Ready to support communities as they demand social justice through civic engagement.

The organization’s work spans 3 initiatives:

  • 1
    Ready to Vote aims to build an engaged and civically educated voting base fluent in the policies that impact their public schools and communities.
  • 2
    Ready to Advocate trains local organizers and supports community advocacy for quality schools.
  • 3
    Ready to Educate is a community partnership focused on closing the digital divide and ensuring high-quality remote and in-person instruction for all learners.

If we’re going to continue to move forward as a city, we need families engaged in decision-making when it comes to our schools….Our endgame is to engage the entire community in action that will lead to high-quality education in Newark….Our vision is a city where every child can go to a great public school, and that starts with raising our collective voice.

– Shennell McCloud